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Natural Charm Co. Ltd.

Natural Charm Company Limited was established in 2009, as an exporter in the class of baby’s toys, accessories & gifts, serving customers worldwide.  The company conceived the idea of mix & match, an adorable collection was born and marketed under the Company’s registered trademark, ‘Natural Charm Collection’ & ‘Organic Natural Charm’.  Because of the quality & the affordable price point, these two brands have grown to gain a market share in a short year.  More important, quality is always our main concern.  From time to time, we will consult the safety laboratory about the regulations of CE & CPSIA for our products to ensure that they may be complied with the Standards.  Other than that, we even spend most of the time with our partner to keep the quality of the productions’ processing & the projects’ procedure, make sure all details are on the right track.  

In 2019, due to the fact of the Covid-19 issue, the Company faced a negative worldwide economic situation that affected our normal operation.  Luckily, the issue is ended now & it is great to see all people globally & all things are getting back on track.  We are confident that we will try our best to catch up with those passed time to develop more & more good quality & adorable products to serve you better in the future.    

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